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...grew up in a quiet and unassuming suburban household in Metro Detroit in which very nearly every moment was captured on film. From a young age, his father taught him about photography, let him play with cameras, and look through books of famous photographs. Early on in his youth, photography was a pleasant hobby and an impermeable bond between he and his father. Now, at 29 years of age, the bond persists, but the craft has become a lifestyle. Jacob rarely ever leaves home without his camera, and almost compulsively documents anything (though sadly not everything) that catches his eye. Subjects of key interest often include automobiles, buildings, and, of course, people of every walk of life. Attempting modestly to follow in the great documentary-photographic tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Elliott Erwitt, et al., Jacob strives to capture moments of irreproducible earnest, and prefers to do so in black and white. Wherever he finds himself, he finds subjects to photograph, and finds out more about himself with each release of the shutter.

Photo courtesy of Ronald Smith